Brief History of the Escarabajo Club of the Bay Area Region


 Like most social organizations, the Club was founded following the meeting of individuals of like interests. When and where these meetings took place is lost. The first recorded data is contained in notes taken at an organizational meeting held in Hayward, CA, on June 9, 1967, at which time those involved elected to formalize their interests by establishing a Club, with membership restricted to Myers Manx Owners. A Chairman, Ed Ingallis, led the original group. 

As the organization grew, it elected its first president, Bob Holcomb at a meeting held on October 17, 1967, and at the same meeting, a By-Laws Committee was established. The name of the Club is of Spanish origin and was adopted at a meeting held on November 21, 1967, with the explanation that it meant 'A beetle with a turned down head.' 

The records indicate that as of February 7, 1968 that the club had branched into 3, one in Campbell one in Palo Alto and the main club in Hayward. Due to the 3 branches, it was decided that the Club Jackets should show BAY AREA REGION rather than any chapter or branch. The two branches were never actually formalized. 

On December 4, 1968, the first steps were taken to incorporate as a non-profit organization.

On February 6, 1969, after prolong discussion by the general membership the proposed By-Laws were amended to provide that membership was 'open to all Volkswagen based specials and/to two wheel drive four wheel buggies under 1500 pounds and under 90 inch wheelbase and/or left to the desertion of a Technical Committee.' Final draft of the By-laws was approved by the general membership on March 5, 1969, and on July 2, 1969, the Article of Incorporation were also approved. On July 8, 1969, the Board of Directors officially signed the initial By-Laws. 

An Orange County Branch was authorized on October 5, 1970; however this Branch was terminated due to lack of participation on September 29, 1971. 

In January, 1974, the general membership decided that no new members would be admitted without having a Volkswagen based buggy, Baja or rail, either running or under construction.

The Club is registered with the State of California as corporate number D-0581785. The fiscal year is the calendar year.

In 2005, to promote growth in active membership and in acknowledgement of changes in our sport, a change was made to the bylaws clarifying the option the BOD has in waiving the requirement that new members own a rail.




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